Toywatch is Ready for Spring, Are You ?

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I was so surprised when I came across the new Maya collection of Toywatch at Westfield Shopping Centre. I love watches, any kind of them.. I do not know where this feeling comes from but as you can guess it is a very common habit. It is not that long but since last year, I am a fun of Toywatch.. Company has been generating different kind of designs regularly but very -UNIIQE- ones, especially this is the part that I love!
Recently Toywatch launched the Maya collection (Maya Waven Watches). Maya collection is a wave from the tradition of South America goes back till 1960`s and ethno-chic style. I am totally amazed! It is completely fascinating. The vivid colours of the hand-plaited straps represent the elements of nature and the base is enhanced by a Maya etching of the symbol of the Sun Stone.
Additionally, Toywatch introduces traditional and classic style together on Maya collection. Maya in steel and fabric, gold watch-case, white dial, hand plaited fabric strap with plaits on each end, various shades of fuchsia, just time movement.
Actually, it is a kind of bracelet as well, fits easily on your wrist and a great match for both casual and classic outfits.
You can purchase Toywatch Waven watches in store or online.


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