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I was really excited to share this post with you, as I opened my present and saw this beautiful bottled fragrance. I was most definitely ‘lovestruck’ by the design and beauty of the bottle and the cap. It is so pretty and girly that you can style up your bedroom with this one!

I had never tried anything from the VERA WANG range and that was exciting, after being wowed by the bottle I decided to give this one a try straight away. Removing the cap and spraying its first mist I was eager, due to how beautiful the bottle was I did not want the fragrance to let it down.

The fragrance is lovely, it has a hint of sweetness but it isn’t over powering. This is suitable for a teen wanting to be a little mature and you can easily wear this throughout your twenties.

lovestruck blogpixiienet

lovestruck blogpixiienet

lovestruck blogpixiienet




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