Leopard Print has Landed

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The most outrageous and in your face print has made a fabulous fashion comeback and has once again exploded back into fashion. Leopard Print is personally one of my favourite prints and it’s something I love to wear.

Now I know many people think that you can’t wear it without looking cheap and tacky. However Leopard print is actually very easy to style and can add an edge to any outfit.

My first tip for wearing Leopard print is to only wear one printed piece per outfit. As I say with all fashion try and keep it simple. If you’re looking to only add a little bit of Leopard print to your outfits try and add a printed clutch or handbag. That way it won’t take over the whole outfit but you’ll still have that edge. Leopard Print looks great with a base colour or a pastel. This is particularly important if you’re wearing a Leopard Print coat. You don’t want the outfit to be too busy and you want the main focus to be the print itself. By pairing it with a block colour it keeps the outfit simple and allows the print to speak for itself.

A trend that I’ve been seeing a lot of recently is matching the print of your jacket to the print of your clutch bag, but I would really only try this if you are pretty fearless when it comes to fashion and want to have the full effect of the Leopard Print. So ladies take a walk on the wild side this season and embrace the print!


 Leopard Print Scallop Vest MORE http://bit.ly/1kxNNft


Leopard Print Panel Bralet MORE  http://bit.ly/1d9w1dj


Print Chiffon Drop Back Vest MORE  http://bit.ly/1m9pasw


1. Animal Print Flow Chiffon Dress http://bit.ly/1iQZAs5
2. Ankle length leopard print trousers  http://bit.ly/Ok06B7
3. Jane Norman Leopard print cami top http://bit.ly/1nugIpx
4. Jolie Moi Leopard print waistcoat http://bit.ly/1g0ozak 


1. Leopard Print Jewel sandal http://bit.ly/1kxOeGN
2. Carly Leopard Print Clogs http://bit.ly/1irQ8bN
3. Leopard Print Rubber Wellies http://bit.ly/1gvEufm
4. Leopard Print Dont Pussy Foot Bootie http://bit.ly/1gpNNsJ
5. Karen Millen Leopard Print Court Shoes http://bit.ly/1d3SX3f


1. Leopard Print Heart Necklace http://bit.ly/1kUsU0K
2. Gold Tone Leopard Print Crystal Ring http://bit.ly/PFhbX1
3. Guess Leopard Print Watch http://bit.ly/1iQZelh
4. Leopard Print Heart Drop Earrings http://bit.ly/1oZYOGz
5. Leopard Print clutch bag http://bit.ly/1kxPREd
6. Leopard Print Body Bag  http://bit.ly/1gpOLFo

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