Jeremy Scott Spring 2014 Collection

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Jeremy Scott has become my favourite designer over the last few weeks. His spring 2014 collection is amazing, all the colours, patterns, textures and silhouettes that he has used are spectacular and I think once inspired designs filter into the High Street so many people will be trying this look.


For me it all started with the “earth sucks” tank top. I love everything about that look from the 1960’s beehive/flick hair to the neon green crocodile mini skirt. The styling of the models make me think of retro 1960’s films and of course there is a big alien fashion influence, the movie Mars Attacks sticks in my mind and I can’t quite figure of why. Aliens, UFO’S and all that paranormal stuff was very big in the 1960’s and 1970’s this is why I think the styling is clever.


I like statement clothes and the colours and patterns used here sure make a statement, this side of things brings me to think of the 1980’s and the 1990’s. For one collection to make me think of or remind me of 40 years of fashion, styling and films etc. is incredible.

Jeremy Scott Spring is just so playful and fun, while keeping in with a kooky and cool theme. The “earth sucks” and I’m a mess” tank top and sweater are going to be popular due to the “word up” trend set to be big in SS14.


If you love following trends and fashions but want to be unique still then why don’t you do some homework and look at past designers collections that have been inspired by out of this world/alien goings on and mix those styles with the styles of this fabulous collection.


It’s time for a clothes encounter


Make sure you are ET (extra trendy)


You’re going to look out of this world


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