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Are you a dedicated fashion lover? Investing in an expensive handbag will cost you a lot but it is an essential fashion investment if you’re into fashion. A high end designer bag never goes out of fashion. By investing in it, you will own it for a long time- maybe even the rest of your life.

The biggest designer’s in the world never have sales or reductions on their stock as millions of people endlessly buy their products. Remember investing in a designer handbag will cost you a lot of money so you need to make sure you love the bag enough to keep using it for years to come. By owning an expensive designer handbag you will never lose money on it as it is an investment and you can always resell it. You can resell it gaining just under the price value you paid for it.


Online pre owned designer websites sell authentic pre owned designer handbags and luggage. Some good pre owned websites are:

fashionphile, labelsmostwanted, lovehandbags and hardlyeverwornit.

EBay sell used designer handbags. Even when used they still auction and sell for hundreds of pounds close to the original buying price. By keeping your receipt it will increase the value of the bag when selling and you can get very near the price you paid for it this way. You will also keep the value by keeping the bag in mint condition.

Here is the best investments designer handbags: Top 5


Louis Vuitton speedy
An investment handbag such as a Louis Vuitton handbag is a classic and a timeless designer piece to own. Louis Vuitton handbags never lose their value or prestige. Throughout the worlds recession high end designer handbags are the only thing that haven’t lost value or depreciated. Louis Vuitton actually increases its profits by increasing its price of their handbagsevery year. A Louis Vuitton speedy has been a designer “it” bag to own for the past couple of years. Many people in the UK and abroad are spotted wearing the speedy bag. The speedy comes in different styles from a plain lv pattern, to a white and brown DamierAzur canvas. The speedy comes in different sizes from a

  • (Small) speedy 25- £535
  • (Medium) speedy 30- £550
  • (Bigger) speedy 35 -£565


Gucci Boston bag
A Gucci vintage web original GG canvas Boston bag can be accessorised with many clothes and mainly looks good for using casually. From wearing out to the shops to wearing for meals the Boston bag is a definite keeper and looks good with jacket’s and smart apparel. It costs £700.


Hermes Birkin totebag
Therewind vintage cobaltBirkin bag comes in different colours such as pink, orange, black, red, and blue. It has been made the IT bag to own as it has been seen on Victoria Beckham and other celebrities.It is big and comfortable to wear with most things. This birkincosts a heavy £22,000.


The timeless and classic Chanel matelassé shoulder bag has been around for decades. It never goes out of fashion and its popularity soared again as it was in the public eye in 2006 on the hills TV show. Hills stars Lauren Conrad, and Audrina patridgewore the matelassé shoulder bag everywhere on the show, making the vintage bag appealing again.During airtime the bag was watched and reached by the millions of young viewers all over the world. Louis Vuitton had a soar in sales of the matelassé handbag from the hills show popularity. Chanel handbags have been worn by Hollywood starlets such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe in the old Hollywood era. This classic bag costs £2045.


Lady Dior black patent bag was a favourite of Princess Diana’s back in the 90’s. It is an iconic Dior handbag and is one of Dior’s nicest handbag treasures. It has a lovely Dior pattern on the patent and comes with a cute Dior bag charm.A Lady Dior bag costs £2104.





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