Best Hair Trends for 2014

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Go for floral accessories and a shiny hair colour !

If you want a true colour match and optimal haircare, go to a licensed professional. Should you wish to style your hair at home, have a look at my other article ‘Tips to get shiny hair‘ after reading the following :

- For brunettes : you could keep your natural hair colour like the Duchess of Cambridge or just try ombré hair colouring if you want to get lighter ends.
For blondes : keep your hair natural if they are light blond or try platinum blonde colours to get lighter shades. Balayage is also a good option if you’d like to give a lighter blond to your hair without hiding you real hair colour.

Here is a general tip : in order to hide your real hair colour appearing on your roots, I suggest you to use Josh Wood blending wand; it exists in four colours : dark brown / light brown and dark blond / light blond.

This products will alow you to hide your roots’ hair colour efficiently without fading away rapidly.

And one last tip, master the ponytail : Put four fingers on your hairline and brush all the hair behind your hand at the back of your hair. This will create volume. Then separate your front hair from the others, grabbing them into two equal sections and clip them away. Brush half of your hair towards their base (reverse brushing!).

Choose the shape you want, messy or not, and gather all your hair high with a Marc Jacobs’ floral hair tie to obtain the perfect ponytail.

Now, create your hairstyle and admire it !



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