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April has sprung upon us (see what I did there) shopping for this seasons must haves and just lolling about in shops spending lolly what a great April it has been. I’ve been shopping, bargain hunting if you will. Now listen closely and take it all in. I was walking down the High street I noticed a beautiful dress just hanging, freely hanging around no-body. I went in to the little shop on the corner and before I knew it the beautiful dress was dressed up-on me (snigger) and paid a mere £5 for it.

This dress it was a perfect fit and for the price because I love a good ole’ bargain I bought it and made it mine. Now it is a definite staple piece in my wardrobe and I get compliments wherever I go. It’s never easy being a size 12 because finding clothes to compliment our curves rather than drape over is impossible to find. My inspiration is Taylor Swift her style her sense her looks not to mention her voice is just amazing. She has THE best dress sense since Alexa Chung. Now she is another one who knew how to dress and since seeing Miss Chung wearing brogues I fell in love.

What I want to do is to help girls/women of all sizes to find something to compliment them better. The dress I found was very rockabilly looking with a vintage tone to it. I used to struggle when it come to finding dresses because of my hips I now know to avoid peplum skirts, tops and dresses if you can wear it and pull it off then go you! Classic example of a Peplum top I would avoid when looking for something smart airy and stylish.

But I found I can still wear high street fashion items without feeling conscious and without the aid of Spanx or tummy control. My main problem is my hips so for me wearing peplum will do nothing to help me only widen me so I found out that what suits me best is dresses and skirts that are high waisted skater skirts teamed with a nice crop top or if you feel uncomfortable then a nice t-shirt to cover your mid-rif tucked into the skirt making it baggy  or loose if you like around the top of your skirt (almost like your old school uniform by the end of the day) but styled nicely. So if you struggle and need help have no fear because I am here I can help transform your little self to a more comfortable YOU. More affordable more hot and bang on trend.

Watch this space as my advice is coming your way.


She is 25 years old and go by the name of Pinkybowbowall. She is all about bargains and usually can find some lovely items in charity shops,antique fares and also in car-boots and online shopping.

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