25 Beauty Rules You Should Break

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Most of us cannot break their habits very easily and live by a self-taught set of rules, purchasing new products that fit our pocket. We have to admit it, that can get a little boring. Here is the truth : Beauty waits for no man’s rules, so here you are 30 Beauty Rules to Break.

  1. Brown eyeshadow is just for the blue-eyed: Brown shadow brings out aqua irises while olive browns flecked with gold look great on pretty much everyone.
  2. Only use lipliner inside your lips: This one’s a fine line to walk, but makeup artist Lisa Butler drew lipliner in “a quarter-inch line under the center of the lower lip, up the middle, on the Cupid’s bow, and just at the corners of the mouth” at Emilio Pucci’s fall 2013 show to gorgeous effect.
  3.  Don’t go to sleep without taking off your makeup: For the perfect eye makeup look, Lou Dillon passed on this tip from mom Jane Birkin: “She taught me to put on black eye makeup before going to bed, so it looks all smudgy and beautiful in the morning.”
  4.  Brushes are best for putting on makeup: Makeup artists often use brushes for a flawless finish, but for the rest of us, applying foundation and eyeshadow with fingers helps to warm up the product for a more natural result.
  5. Start styling with clean, freshly washed hair: One or even two day-old hair lends effortless texture to most buns and braids, drying salt sprays unnecessary. It also holds the style better, letting you go easier on the hairspray.
  6. Bright eyeshadow screams “stuck in the ‘80s”: A one-note wash of bright color on lids, whether it’s blue, purple or lime, looks fresh paired with an otherwise natural look. Just be sure it’s a modern formulation—chalky shadows date easily.blogpixiienet-bright-eyeshadow
  7. Wash your hair everyday: It’s best to have some natural oils present to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Ironically, washing hair too often can quickly dry it out.
  8. Hair needs a trim every six to eight weeks: Maybe if you have bangs or are trying to grow a cut out, but otherwise, there’s no real need for such frequent salon visits.
  9. Got oily skin? Stick to oil-free products: As you have probably noticed, face and body oils are having a moment. Caudalie’s Divine Oil has gotten high praise, but regular old jojoba oil will do the moisturizing trick without clogging pores.
  10. You should exfoliate your skin every day: Nothing beats the soft, clean skin you get after exfoliating, but experts actually don’t recommend using exfoliators every day—every other or every two days is enough, and less irritating to skin.
  11. Don’t mix metals: Common sense dictates that you should stick to either gold or silver makeup, but try mixing them for a futuristic, unexpected look.
  12. Hairstyles should be neat: Messy braids and buns look effortless and are thus way chicer than their straight-laced equivalent.
  13. Nails should be chip-free at all moments: While a perfect manicure is pretty, a few chips make it look lived in and grungy, perfect for riding the omnipresent ‘90s revival.
  14. White eyeliner brightens up your eyes: This one’s a bit funny, because while the rule works, it’s so ingrained that most people don’t realize that nude eyeliner is even better.
  15. Eye color designated sets are for those eyes only: Nope! Everyone’s unique eye color differs, so what looks great on hazel eyes could look even better on brown.
  16. Purple eyeshadow should be kept in the ’90s: Today’s incarnations are subtle, nuanced and complex—everything we look for both in a date and an eyeshadow, give or take the unhappy past.
  17. Lipstick on cheeks is a recipe for sticky disaster: Not so—glossy, moisturizing lipsticks are your best bet, and often look more natural than powder blush.blogpixiienet-Lipstick-on-cheeks
  18. Only use highlighter on your cheekbones: From the bridge of your nose to the inner corners of your eyes, highlighter should be able to light up plenty of nooks and crannies on your face.
  19. Concealer should be slightly lighter than skin: Instead, try one that’s just your skin color. It’s an urban legend that it should be lighter, as that actually just draws more attention to the blemish, and that’s the opposite of what we want.
  20. Don’t use frosted lipstick: Paired with bronzer and lightly defined eyes, frosted pink lipstick finishes a look perfectly. It’s definitely a statement, as anything is after it’s been out of style for a long period.
  21. Don’t line your bottom lashes: Some claim that it drags your eyes down, but it all depends on what kind of look you’re going for—with a light touch, liner on the bottom lash line is great for achieving a sophisticated, edgy tone.
  22. Dark lip and nail colors should be saved for the winter: Burgundy nails are having a moment, as are dark, dramatic lips. And we’ve got to say, it feels nice doing something other than summer brights.
  23. Red eyeshadow is only for Halloween: Most people treat it like it’s taboo, but blending a pink or red eyeshadow with a bronze one will amp up the look while keeping it slightly relatable.
  24. Eyebrow pencils are the tried and true best method: While eyebrow pencils are great for on the go, they usually come in limited colors. Instead, try an eyeshadow applied with an angled brush—they come in wider range of color options, and you’re able to better control the color match.
  25. Define lips with lipliner to help lipstick last: Sure it still works, but I think we can all agree it feels outdated. Instead, skip the lipstick and fill your pout in with lipliner, then top with lip balm—you’ll get all the lasting power, and it’ll look more natural.



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