2014 is the Year of Statement Necklaces

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Statement necklaces look to be a big trend for 2014 and are a must have item to wear with the latest fashion’s. A statement necklace can be worn to glamorise most apparel- bringing an electric fashion edge to tops, jumpers, dresses and t shirts. From bold chunky statement necklaces that vary in size, colour, and texture, you can always find that perfect statement necklace that suits your taste, look and clothes.

Statement necklaces have stormed the fashion runways all over the world, and have been matched with high fashion designer clothes and dresses, bringing and adding more style to them. A statement necklace is a great fashion accessory to wear and own.When matched with various clothes a statement necklace offers sophistication and elegance bringing the clothes to life to look more vibrant. A plain dowdy top or dress can suddenly transform into a glamorous and stylish look when a statement necklace is added.

There are various types of statement necklaces for sale in many retailers. Some popular necklaces aregold colours, pearls, beaded, crystal, plastic and metal material necklaces. The great thing about choosing and wearing a statement necklace is that you can customise and personalise different ones to match when wearing with different clothes, makeup looks and matching with your hair and skin tone.

I have put together some fabulous statement necklaces that are a must have to own this season.



Oasis Secret Siren Pink Cluster Necklace
Topshop Pink Beaded Cascade Necklace
River Island Gold tone crystal repeat statement necklace


H&M Beaded necklace
Oasis Black Facet Flower Necklace
Oasis Silver Lace Necklace


Topshop Premium Multirow Rhinestone Necklace
River Island Cream triangle drop short statement necklace
H&M Necklace

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